Most of the images in this web site where obtained from the National Archives at College Park, Maryland and without the help of the personnel in the German Captured Documents areas, microfilm, maps, and aerial photography, the collection on this website would have been impossible to assemble. The personnel at the Library of Congress in the Maps and Cartography section were very helpful in obtaining copies of Russian topographical maps. I have also found many maps at the online Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, the online site of the Institut für Geographie und Geologie der Universität Greifswald, and received many donated maps from persons interested in my site.

Matthew Abicht, a volunteer at the National Archives, showed me how to locate the images I needed at the Archives. Without his help, it probably would have taken years, instead of months, to collect the documents. Richard Hedrick, Matt Abicht, and Tom Peters have provided a great many maps from their private NARA microfilm libraries.

Alan Wilson, a V.P. of Tripwire Interactive Inc. (creator of the game 'Red Orchestra') was generous with his time in sharing his collection of images and documents from his 'private stash'.

Jim Thompson, long time friend and diving buddy, for general advice on website development.

Web Easy Inc., Jalbum, and Chameleon are used in the development of this website.