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The following German situation maps are too large to display on the web site. You can click on the sections and then download one map at a time. The Lage Ost maps may also be downloaded from my own FTP server. It will make it easier to download more than one map at a time. Please do not download more than 15 maps (more than 1 GB of data) at one time as it will prevent other researchers from accessing the server. The following information can be entered into your FTP software or into your browser. If you don't have FTP software you might try WinSCP at Simple and free.

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Lage Ost 1942
Second Battle of Kharkov
Poland 1939
North Africa
The Lage Ost 1942 maps are listed by year, North-Center or South, and then by month.
Lage West
Lage West maps (Western Europe) listed by year and month. Map titles begin with date then map scale and then geographic location or unit. June 1944 through March 1945 are now online.
Lage Ost 1941
The Lage Ost maps for 1941 are listed by month, day, and then sections of maps.
Lage Ost 1943
January through August are listed here.
Army Group Weichsel
Lage Ost Maps for Army Group Weichsel 1945. Listed by month and map section.
Lage Ost 1945
The Lage Ost maps for 1945 are listed by month, day, and then sections of maps.
September through December are listed here.
Lage Frankreich
Lage Holland
Lage Nordafrika
OB-West 1944