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20mm Gun Crew Southern Pacific
82nd Airborne May 1945
105mm Artillery Unit May 1945
155mm Aritillery Unit 28-6-1944
Air Force Pilot Tuskegee December 1944
Anti Aircraft Unit 30-3-1945
Artillery Unit 10-11-1945
Awarded Croix de Guerre 21-3-1944
Awarding Silver Star
Captured German Soldier Italy September 1944
Closing P-51 Canopy Italy
Combat Engineers 15-8-1945
Combat Patrol Italy 7-9-1944
Commisioned Marine Officer November 1945
Commisioned Nurse Officers 21-12-1944
Decorated Soldiers Saipan
Decoration Ceremony Italy March 1945
DUKW Drivers Assault Landing
Easter Eggs For Hitler 10-3-1945
French Give Gifts 5-2-1945
German POW 7-10-1944
Graduating Naval Officers
Instecting MP Honor Guard 4-1-1945
Leaves Ring Before Mission
Loading .50 Caliber Belts September 1944
Marine 155mm Crew 1945
Marines Preparing For Landing
Mission Briefing September 1944
Mortar Team Italy November 1944
North Atlantic Patrol
Nurses Scotland 15-8-1944
P-51 Ground Crew Loading Wing Tanks
P-51 Pilots 15th Italy August 1944
Pilot 99 Fighter Squadron
Pilot Training Officer
Pilots Credited With 8 Kills Italy
Pilots of 15th USAF Italy
Saipan June 1944
Silver Star 17-4-1945
Soldiers Surround Farmhouse 10-6-1944
South Pacific 1-5-1944
Stringing Telephone Wire 25-7-1944
Tank Detection Unit 13-7-1944
Tank Machine Gunner 5-11-1944
Tank Unit Colburg Germany 25-4-1945
Tuskegee Pilots Anzio February 1944
U.S.S. Otter Sank German Submarine
Very Lucky Souther France
Volunteers For Combat 28-2-1945
Wounded Pilot Greece June 1944

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