WWII Aerial Photos and Maps

This site contains digitized copies of maps, still photos, and aerial photographs copied primarily from originals in the U.S. National Archives, the U.S. Library of Congress, and donations from fellow researchers.

Target Dossier photos were taken of cities, towns, and villages throughout Eastern Europe and North Africa. There are collections of German and Russian daily situation maps for Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and North Africa. Still photos cover areas in Eastern and Western Europe and categories such as ships, tanks, planes, generals, civilians, countries.

I HAVE HIGHER QUALITY VERSIONS OF MOST OF THE IMAGES ON THIS SITE. Email me if you need them. None of the images on this web site are for sale. They are available free of any charge for the purpose of historical research. If the images are not on my web site, I don't have them.

I have not asked for donations because I was concerned people would assume if they donated they would receive better responses than people who did not. All requests are treated equally without any regard to donations. I would appreciate donations as the cost of research and paying for my web sites totals over $5,000.00 per year. I have been providing research and other services without any charge for over four years and I will continue to do this. If you choose to donate my PayPal account is jcarlcalvin@gmail.com.

There are over 600 NARA microfilm rolls on my FTP Site. Login and view the lists. Remember one connection per user. I have eight eight Lage Ost maps for 1944.

I NEED SOME HELP. Does anyone have digitized versions of these maps? M-36-142-B, M-36-142-C, or M-36-142-D. These are 1:50 000 scale. 1:100 000 or 1:25 000 would also help. If you have any of these please email me at john@wwii-photos-maps.com. Thanks.
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